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Welcome to Restoration Christian Church

We are a Community who firmly believes in Gods Word. Come journey with us.

At our church, we want you to know that Jesus is Lord, and that single belief calls us together as a community, and sends us into our world with Hope and Purpose.  Here, your past will NEVER define your future, there’s always redemption, which means there’s always a brighter day.  We don’t think we’re better than any other church out there, we’re just doing our best to become our best. We want you to believe in God but we also want you to know that God believes in You!  We are not against people who don’t attend church anywhere, instead we pursue them with Love, the very same Love that’s pursuing us.

We are learning to serve God with all our hearts, and we are learning to worship Him with all our lives, if you are looking for the perfect church, We’re not it, we will make mistakes, but we will choose to grow from them.  At RCC, we are part of a global community that’s knit together by the resurrection of Jesus, and will engage with people who are in real need because we are the hands and feet of Christ!

Breakfast Bible Fellowship

July 12, 2015 9:00 am

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Community is at the center of all we do at Restoration Christian Church! We hope that you will find a place that fits you and plug in!

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September 22, 2014

What’s the Purpose of this Church

When I have opportunity to talk to people about what I do for a living, […]

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Why Another Church in Rogersville?

Probably the most thought, if not the most asked question, by just about everyone is… […]

September 22, 2014

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The success of our Church depends on participation from people like you. Get involved in our Ministries - it will change your life.


Probably the most thought, if not the most asked question, by just about everyone is…

“Why Another Church in Rogersville?”

That’s a great question, so let’s take a quick look at why!.

Webster County is by current information 63% un-churched, people who don’t claim to go to go to church anywhere! That’s a huge number, how that breaks down to us is, if we were to take all the un-churched people in Webster County, it would take approximately 98 new services (either existing churches adding a second or third service or new churches starting,) with an average attendance of 200 people, to church all those in Webster County that don’t go to church anywhere! Those same numbers go for Greene County as well! So while Rogersville is only one portion of Webster County, we also include people from Greene County and even Christian County! Take all those folks who are not going to church anywhere, and we have a huge task before us still!